Fall of Light is coming on console!

After a long silence, we are really happy to share this news with you Fall of Light is coming on console!     It will be released on PS4, XBOX1 and Switch later this summer (exact date still TBC), by Digerati. We hope our fans that have been asking us this releases will be happy too! To celebrate this event, we published an article on Playstation Blog   Thank you so much to you all for your support! Read more →

Steam DEMO is OUT!

Demo now available! http://store.steampowered.com/app/633950/Fall_of_Light/ We’re happy to announce that you can download the demo of Fall of Light, two weeks before the actual game launches. We are aware of a few tiny bugs that are still in the game, but we’re working day and night to fix them in the upcoming days.     The demo can be downloaded from the game’s store page on Steam by clicking the Download Demo button. We would love to hear your feedback. And if you are interested in the game, please don’t forget to wishlist it. Thank you!  Read more →

Gamescom 2017

Just came back from Gamescom! A little tired and sleep deprived, but so very excited and happy about these amazing days in Cologne. We had to chance to meet and talk with lots of game developers, journalists, and gamers. We really want to thank 1C Company for this great opportunity. And, of course, thanks to everyone who took the time to play Fall of Light. We’re so grateful for all the feedback we’ve got. Fall of Light is still available to play in the 1C Company booth until Saturday 26th august. Share your photos and comments with the hashtags #Gamescom2017 and #FallOfLight! Last but not least, thanks to our friends from Broken Arms Games for the company during the trip. 🙂 Now we’re back to work on the game. The release date is getting closer!   Read more →

Awesome news

We’ve got a brand new Fall of Light trailer showing unseen footage, and we can finally tell the world a couple of great news! One: Fall of Light has now got a release date! It’s set for September 28, 2017. And two: the RuneHeads team is going to be at Gamescom in Cologne, where you all will be able to try a Fall of Light playable build. Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think! Read more →

Just workshopping around

These days our game designer Matteo is giving a full week workshop about Game design and Interactive Storytelling at the Event Horizon School in Turin, surrounded by all these young people eager to learn about making videogames and really cool stuff. Will be back working full time on Fall of Light soon!                     Follow the Event Horizon School on Facebook! Read more →