Wax on, wax off

We’re working really hard to improve the environments’ quality. The idea is to put a really great effort to add props, details and effect in order to make the scene alive. Check our progress! Read more →

Let’s Talk about Game Design

Matteo just took part in a talk about game design at the Torino Comics, the annual convention about comics, cosplay, videogames, and other nerdy stuff, in Turin. We shared our experiences as game designers and lots of interesting and stimulating thoughts came up today. Thanks to Event Horizon School for organizing this awesome event! You can watch the whole talk on their Facebook page here (only in Italian – sorry!) Read more →


I used to think that my spiderwebs were awesome. Then I read this stunning article written by Simon Trümpler on his blog. So I did a few experiments, and came up with this: a lot creepy, more realistic, so much better than before! You can follow Simon on Twitter and Facebook Read more →

Rune Heads

Today it’s THE day: RuneHeads is an OFFICIAL videogame company. It’s really strange. But… strange in a good way. We’re really happy. Read more →

Beyond two souls

Thanks so much to Eurogamer for giving us the opportunity to show Fall of Light at their stand at the Let’s Play videogame convention in Rome. They also wrote this awesome preview of our game. Fall of Light is an original wager that combine two different souls: the gameplay of Dark Souls and the poetry of ICO – Eurogamer We still have so much work to do, but we’re happy and amazed that so many people had fun trying Fall of Light. Follow Eurogamer on Twitter and Facebook! Read more →